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Almond Banana Smoothie 

I have to hurry as I have an important client meeting and the meeting will go for 5-6 hours for sure.So I have to have something in my tummy that course and will keep me full and focussed.

Any idea what should I have ?

Yes I have an answer🌞…Smoothie made with 🍌🍌

Bananas are the best option in such cases as it will keep you full and it’s necessary minerals will keep your nervous system healthy.

We can make a Banana-Almond Smoothie.Almonds are source of vitamin E,magnesium and high quality protein that prevents the cardiovascular diseases.Apart from this it also keeps your hair healthy and help in it’s growth.

So here we go with the Making of this SuperKool Smoothie.

Before your shower just soak 4 almonds in water.

When you come back  -all ready to leave , In a blender jar-put the banana ,milk and almonds in blender.

It’s ready, pour it in a Glass and Top it up with Honey.

As Simple as said, Now you can rush to your office with lot’s of energy to rock the meeting.

Enjoy !

Stay Fit,Stay Healthy😊