Mango Smoothie

Mango contain twenty different vitamin and minerals and that’s make it a “Super food”.One cup of mango has 100 calories,28 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of fiber.It helps to lower blood pressure and boosts up the brain health !!

Apart from the health benefits of keeping digestion in check and improving the body immune system , mango is excellent for your body and skin.It can be used as skin cleaner and body scrub.

  • Skin cleaner Mango help to clear the clogged spores that cause acne.Cut mango into small thin slices, keep them on your face for 15 mins.Clean your face and you will see the glowing result.
  • Body scrub-Make a paste out of honey lemon and mango pulp. Use this as a scrub over your body for 5 mins, wash.It makes the skin clean, smooth and tender.

I love mango more than any other fruit.So I like to include this in my daily diet specially in this mango season .Last week itself I had baked a mango cake(you can see the recipe –Mango Cake).So this week I planned to make a  chilled mango shake~~It’s Yummy , Summer cool and refreshing 😃.This is very quick easy and healthy and you can have it as your quick breakfast recipe whenever you are in rush.

You can also add strawberries if you want in this mango shake.For this you will need

Mango Pulp

and a Blender off course 🙂

Step 1.Put Pulp-Sugar and Milk in the Blender

Step 2-Blend all the ingredients

Step 3- Pour it in glass, refrigerate it for 10 minutes.Add dry fruits like cashew nuts and walnuts to give it a texture.You can also top it with sliced cherries and raisin.

Top it up with Walnuts and Cashew

As simple as that !!


Are you going to have a glass of Mango Smoothie Today ?? 


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