Spinach Banana Smoothie

Smoothies are one of the best source of Energy and Power as they are made by the combination of different kind of vegetables and fruits.You can get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in one go.

I prefer to have a Smoothie after my workout as this helps me to get back my “lost energy” and also gives a taste to my panting tongue after a power workout. The weekend has begun and I think  my power workout  today was not less than that of Superwoman workout 😦

I opened the refrigerator door and the first glance of mine was at the vibrant green leafy Spinach(palak) sitting at the second row asking me-what you want to do with me?.Earlier my plan was to make a cottage cheese spicy curry with this spinach but by mind said -“you need power energy, vitamins at the moment-forget curry, have smoothie !!”

My chore of making a spinach banana smoothie started by assembling all the ingredients and cutting the spinach .This smoothie has high nutritional value and I would be mixing a bit of Yogurt and Flax seeds in this to make it more healthy.

Before you give a second thought on why you should have this smoothie Read The nutritional power of Spinach Banana Smoothie (It’s Wonder !!)

It provides you with Vitamin K(helps in early wound healing), Potassium (aggregates muscle function ,controls nerve center and reduces blood pressure).Both Spinach and Banana have beta carotene a yellow pigment which is  a great source of Vitamin A (maintains body immune system and retinas). Yougurt and Flax seed will givethis smoothie thickness Yogurt has calcium in it and flax seeds are rich in fibre and the omega-3 fatty acid in flax seeds boosts up the intake of healthy fats in your body.

A Perfect Smoothie for a Healthy Body !

Recipe – Making this smoothie is as simple as eating an ice cream and you just need 10 minutes of your valuable time.If your Spinach are washed and cut-this will take 5 minutes only !                                                                                                                        

Put all the ingredients in a blender ,add a pinch of black salt a pinch of black pepper and honey and mix it well in the blender.It’s Done !. Instead of yogurt you can also add orange juice or sliced orange in the blender with the other ingredients to give a tangy citrus taste.

As simple as that !!

So what’s in the menu for this weekend?? —-“One Glass of Spinach Banana smoothie I guess”

Stay Healthy–Stay Happy 🙂