Cakes and Desserts

Basic Baking Tips for Beginners

Try these tips during Your Baking Expedition.

Learn from your mistake and never stop cooking 👍🏻

  • Bake in Small Quantities -start with small cake or 2 cupcakes I mean
  • Temperature setting is very important-watch few videos and do trial and error to learn the process
  • Don’t leave the cake batter sitting idle for long
  • Use dried knife to check if cake is cooked , not wet one
  • Use the right measurement of quantities mentioned until you are rockstar in baking
  • Last but not the least- don’t leave your cake baking and go away for a walk.😬You have to keep an eye on it so keep checking in between just to ensure everything is going on well inside the oven!

I hope these help.

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Happiness is sharing.