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Basic Cupcake Recipe for Beginners

For all these time the only thing I knew was to buy cupcakes, store them in my refrigerator  and grab of bite of it anytime I was craving for them. Many of you would be talking in your head now “I do the same”.

But the question that I had in my head every time I used to eat a cupcake was- “Why can’t I make one of these, is this so difficult?”. I knew the recipe , I had read it n number of times over internet- but I had this thing at the back of mind- It’s no so easy as it looks.

Time teaches you a lesson…..It was one fine Sunday morning I was watching my favorite cooking show “Serve it like Sarah” (Sarah If by mistake you read this- I just want to say you- You are my inspiration, I love you like hell and I really wish I could meet you somebody..You are somebody to learn from).And the recipe of the day was Cupcake where she started with basic vanilla cupcake which later one was turned into magical chocolaty cupcake.And that day I thought – I should give a try. 

I made it for the first time and it was amazingly delicious and fluffy. What more you need…When you have done something you always wanted to do 🙂

So here goes the recipe for all those beginners like me who are struggling with this thought-“Should I give a try or not”

The ingredients that you need for making cupcake are:


Pre-heat the over to 220 degree before you start mixing the batter, I generally do it in the halfway process of making batter as I am a beginner.

Mix Sugar, butter (refined oil) in a beater or you can whisk to make it smooth

Beat two eggs in the mixture until it’s smooth and light


Sieve the white flour , baking soda, baking powder and mix it well.


To the dry mixture add the wet mixture


Add vanilla essence 2 drops and milk and mix it with spatula slowly.

Dust some chocolate powder at the base of CupCake  molds and pour in the mixture.Tap it so there is no bubbles

Put this in oven and let it cook for 15 minutes or till it becomes golden brown

Check your cupcakes are cooked or not with a dry knife, if it comes out clean its done.


Let it cool for 10 minutes.

You can decorate them with some icing if you want or you can also eat them plain.


Here I have done some icing with dark chocolate cream and sugar.

Melt some dark chocolate  in oven. and when it has melt ,melt butter with it.

Mix melted butter, chocolate and cocoa powder together and let it cool.



Add sugar and milk alternatively to this mixture(start with 1-2 teaspoon, till the consistency is rich, it should not be flowyy).I have added here tetra pack cream to this mixture. You can adjust the consistency as per your requirement by adding sugar or cream.Put this is in a piping bag and decorate your cupcakes.

Cupcakes are ready to be served.

I can’t share Cupcakes so I served it for myself 🙂

“A meal without Cupcake is like a day without sunshine.”

Enjoy and keep reading my other blogs on Food and Travel at Eat Roam Repeat



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