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Dal Paratha 

Dal Pratha Or Flatbreads made from Lentils 

Chana Dal (Lentils)

To make Paratha/Bread -Wheat flour dough


Add Chana dal ,turmeric and salt in a in pressure cooker and cook it with 3-4 whistles ,it should be partially cooked

Drain excess water (I generally drink the excess water as it hell nutritious will all that proteins from lentils)


Let the lentils dry for some time, add oil,chopped garlic and chillies,onion ,dhaniya and haldi powder (turmeric and coriander)

Mix this well

Make balls out of the wheat flour dough (I had prepared this dough earlier ,let the dough rest for 10 mins and then use it )



In the round balls ,add the dal mixture prepared  close and wrap it to round ball  again and roll out chappati out of this .

Put this on hot tawa,cook both sides.When it turns slight golden add ghee or refined oil to both the sides of paratha (you can also grease this with salted butter once they are cooked from both sides)



Serve this with pickle ,yogurt or Sauce

This paratha is highly nutritious because of the proteins in Dal and you can make this paratha with left over dal as well.You just have to put dal in pan and dry out the excess water and then follow the same process starting from mixing ingredients in the boiled dal.

Pack these in your Kid’s lunch box with ketchup, they will love it…


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