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Pasta in Mint Mayo

So weekend is here, time to have a special menu.What about Pasta with Prawns !!

My plan was Prawns but I realized that I didnot have prawns at home and am not in mood to spoil my Lazy  Saturday by going out in this summer !

After all the speculation of the available ingredients at home I settled upon making Pasta with Mint Mayonnaise ~Pasta with Mint flavour.I have used here Dr Otekar Mint flavoured Mayonnaise which adds a pinch of minty taste to my pasta.You can use any of the Mayonnaise you want.

It’s one of  those recipes that you can cook easily anytime you want and it’s your full time meal.

Here’s an easy way to make Pasta at home in a delicious way.You can add many veggies you want as per your choice like bell pepper or chopped cabbage.

I have made this with lots of onions garlic and bell pepper.


So for a pre prep , boil  and cook  pasta (al dente) in salted water.Drain out the excess water and run cold water to stop cooking.DSCN1467

In a pan add onion, chiili , chooped garlic beans and capsicum and fry this on high flame


To this add Mayonnaise and mix well so that the veggies are completely mixed in mayonnaise.


Add water – 1cup or 3 table spoon  just to mix the entire mixture.

After 2 minutes add pasta to this and mix well

Add white pepper and cook this for 2-3 minutes

Add cherry tomatoes and mix well.(you can add cherry tomatoes before as well)

Add some oregano before you serve this.


It’s all done !

Serve this tempting dish with a salad of your choice or this pasta all alone is enough for happy tummy !