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Bowl of Nutrition

A Bowl of Nutrition is all you need for your Brunch.This is an ideal bowl meal if you are planning to  skip your lunch or want to keep your breakfast handy while you are travelling.

I generally prepare this healthy recipe for my lunch when I don’t want to cook or when I think I need lot more nutrition !

This fruit salad will help to skip the caffeine and the bad cholesterol in the wafers and chips which we generally munch during our mini hunger.I modified this salad once for my niece by different set of fruits which were of different colours and she was fascinated by the colorful layers one above the other. You  too can include as many fruits you want and layer it up to make this an ideal meal for your kid. For kids you can manage the amount of pepper and the other seasoning that you we would be using here.

Recipe :


Pears Cucumber and Mango

Seasoning-White pepper, Mixed herbs and rock salt , Lemon juice


Slice cucumber into long thin plates using slicer. Sprinkle some salt over thsi and keep it aside

Slice Pears into chips.In a bowl mix these chips with some lemon juice and herbs.Keep it aside


Chop Mangoes(half cup should be mushy and half cup cubes).

Now take your serving bowl

Start with adding some herbs and lemon juice( 1 teaspoon) at the bottom

Places Mango cubes


Next layer will be the Pear Chips

Next layer will be finely chopped cucumber – scoop the inside of cucumber layer and chop it very finely

Over this add mangoes the mashed mangoes


Over the layer add the thin slices of cucumber


Keep this in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Before serving sprinkle some pepper and crushed mint leaves.

This Nutritious Fruit Bowl is all you need to keep alive the entire day !