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Bhindi(Okra) Fry

Okra (Bhindi) is a high fibre food.It’s a power house of nutrients like Magnesium,Vitamin C and Vitamin A.There are many recipes that you can try from this Okra like – Roasted Okra, Okra fritters, Okra curry,Grilled Okra etc.

Okra (Bhindi) gets slimy is one of the major problem that beginners face in cooking okra.One of the best way to get rid of this stickiness is to place them in cold water for 5 minutes,dry it with cloth before chopping them. You should never wash okra after chopping, it will get slimy.

Once you know this trick, you can easily cook bhindi and the best part is it takes less time to cook.I am planning to make today Bhindi Fry (Okra Fry) which is fried Okra with tomatoes and onions.

Ingredients :

  • Okra (Bhindi)- 250 gm
  • Cooking Oil
  • Onion and tomotao- 1 chopped
  • Garlic and chilli finely crushed
  • Dry Spices(turmeric and coriander)
  • Dry Spices
  • Salt to taste


In a deep pan add oil ad add cumin seeds(if you don’t have cumin seeds, no problem)

Add garlic and chiili

Add onions and after 2-3 seconds add chopped bhindi


Let this cook till okra becomes tender(this will take 5 minutes on medium heat).

Add dry spices , and let it cook on slow heat for 2-3 minute


Add finely chopped tomato and salt and cook for 5 minutes.

there is another way of cooking this recipie which is- you can fry the bhindi till they are soft and keep them aside.

In a pan repeat the above method without excluding the process of adding bhindi.You can add the bhindi at last when the tomatoes are cooked and then saute for 2 minutes and season with peppers.

Your Bhindi Masala Fry is ready to serve, Ready to Eat.

Serve  this with Roti or Paratha.

Enjoy !