Cheese Bread~Indian Style !

Chhena (a form of cheese) is fresh, unripened curd cheese made from water buffalo or regular cowmilk. A crumbly and moist form of farmers cheese, it is created in a similar process to paneer (chesse) except it is not pressed for as long.

Chhena is made by boiling milk and then curdling it with a small amount of whey. The resulting coagulated component is collected and wrapped in cheesecloth, strained and beaten thoroughly, until it becomes quite firm. This mixture is kneaded well before use, so that it acquires a very soft and smooth consistency.

Chhena is ideally  used to make desserts but apart form these are other recipes that you can make like bread or crumbles mixed with vegetables and herbs.

Chhena is readily available in the market,you can make chhena at home by adding some vinegar or lime juice to boiling milk and let it coagulate for few minutes and then pressing it with cheesecloth for draining out all water.

Its nutritious and healthy and one of the most easy recipe made out of this chhena is Chhena Paratha (flat breads)

Last Night I made this pratha. These flat breads tastes well with tomato ketchup,pickles or curd.

Time To Make this is 25 minutes

Ingredients to make 5 paratha (flat bread):

To make Dough:



In a deep kadhai , add oil and cumin seeds (cumin will change colour in  3-4 seconds), after this add chopped onion , garlic and chilies to this and fry it for  3-4 minutes till they become translucent.


Add mashed potatoes to this ad cook till the potatoes turns little brown

Add the dry spices and cook for 2 minutes (spices should not burn , you can sprinkle few drops of water if needed).The Spices can be added as per your choice

Now add the Chhena, you will see chhena will release some water.Cook this for 4-5 minutes and Add salt before turning off the heat.The mixture will turn golden brown.

For Making dough-

Take the wheat flout , add carom seeds and one teaspoon salt and knead till this become soft.

Leave it for 5 minutes.

For Making Chhena Paratha (Breads)

Make 4-5 medium sized balls from the  dough.Dig a hole and add the mixture of chhena and potato into this and close the ball.


Roll this into round shape(or any shape) and put this hot tawa(it should not be very hot) and let it turn reddish brown.

Flip and cook both sides

Grease both the sides with ghee, butter or oil.


Serve this with pickle, ketchup or curd.These taste best when served hot.

These flat breads can also be made without potatoes, instead you can use only chhena and cook it as per the process.

Cheese Butter and Pickles will leave you mouth watering ..Yummmmmm

Roll these in your kid’s’s rock and roll for them !!

Eat Healthy-Stay Healthy