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Fluffy Omelette Floating in Curry !

A Lazy Saturday with my lethargic soul  asking for more sleep”

Brunch Time -I am not in hurry so I am planning to cook something that’s demands my ample time after all weekend comes after five working days!! You have to pamper yourself-spend some quality  time with yourself-do what you love, meet your friends ,go for a party or spend some soulful time by reading some good books.

I started off my weekend with a cup of black coffee and then comes the request of my hungry tummy -feed me something gal ☹️

So after giving a thought , I jotted down my My Weekend Menu :-

  • Rice Pudding
  • Cup Cakes
  • Omlette curry with Rice
  • Egg Noodles with cucumber salad and lots of onion

There might be an addition to this list, depends can’t  say anything about my “Famishing Tummy”.
I am going to start my Saturday with Omlette curry.Eggs are high in Protein and one of the best supplement for boosting up your energy.I include everyday one egg in my breakfast in any form like with sandwich or cloud eggs or scramble with toast or sometimes boiled egg.

Ingredients that you need for making this curry are:


Put Oil in Pan and add some cumin seed-if you don’t have no problem.
Add chopped garlic and chilli to this ,cook till it changes colur ( you can also add ginger garlic paste)
Add chopped onion and cook till translucent

Now add the dry spices and cook the mixture for 3-4 minutes ,sprinkle some water if required.
Now add the chopped tomatoes,add salt and let this reduce to course paste kind of thing. You can sprinkle water if you find its getting stocked to the pan.

Meantime in a bowl mix the two eggs with salt, parsley , onion And little garlic and peeper.Make an omelette out of this and let it cool for sometime.

To the curry mixture add 1 cup water , it depends upon the amount of curry quantity you need-add water accordingly and let it boil.
After 5 minutes add garam masala powder , Tomato ketchup (optional)and turn off the heat.
Cut omelette into square shaped and put the slices over the curry.


Cover the lid for 2 minutes..And It’s readdddyyyy..Serve with Rice and garnish with chilly or parsley.

I had some leftover rice from last night so I had this curry with the rice. 

Fluffy omelette floating in Tempting Curry with Boiled Rice😋
My tummy wants another bite …

Will be back soon with my other weekend recipies…

Eat Healthy~Stat Healthy.