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Semolina Pancake

Semolina Uttampam or Pancake is one of the qucikest breakfast option that you can have. Generally this pancake is made with urad dal and rice batter which is soaked overnight and then churned next day.

But there are other ways to make this and the quickest one is to use semolina to skip the overnight batter making process.

I have added here few curry leaves to bring a special curry leaves taste to this mixture.


Ingredients that you need are:


Roast the curry leaves in a pan and then turn it into powder with your hands.Take large amount of this as we want to make this Curry leaves flavored pancake.

Roast the semolina in a pan till reddish brown and keep them aside

In a mixing bowl add curd/yogurt , baking soda ,semolina,curry leaves powder, dry spices , salt and make batter

The batter must not be too thick nor too watery ,you can adjust the consistency by adding more semolina or water


Add chopped veggies to this and let this batter rest for 30 minutes.Before you start making the uttapam stir the batter again.


Heat a non stick tawa , drizzle some water drops and wipe this out..this will cool down the temperature and make it uniform

Now put the batter and spread it in the form of disc

after some time put some oil circling the disc and flip it.Cook both sides


Serve this with tomato Ketchup or Coconut chutney…

You can also make plain uttampam , store them in casserole and then serve them like breads with curry or veggies.