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Sponge Gourd~Unique Eats

In my family nobody likes to eat this vegetable–Sponge Gourd because they don’t find it in the category of vegetable and according to them there are other options in the “vegetable industry” so why to eat this unique creature !

My husband ,he too hates this ,but I don’t know why I love Sponge Gourd.So I had to find an option through which I can give this veggie a space in my refrigerator 😝 .I had to make my husbnd love this vegetable πŸ€”

My mom advised me to make curry from thus vegetable by adding lentils to it .The recipes involves adding chilli ginger garlic and onions to the curry which gives a unique flavour to this entire curry.

I tried this curry and it was really yummy in my tummy !

And the best part is my husband now loves Sponge Gourd 😊

Mission Succesful…Now Sponge Gourd is a part of our “vegetable industry ” and we both love to have this curry with Rice.

You should also try it once and I am sure you will love it !

Find the recipe at _ Nenua ki Sabji

*SpongeGuard is known as Nenua in Hindi