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Wheat 🌾 Flour Pancake


This pancake takes me to those days when I used to hate this as a kid 😞.The wheat flour pancake with a glass of milk was most of the times in our dinner menu as my mom said it’s healthy.I was not convinced because my favourites were noodles 🍜

The story is different now.I am making these Pancakes most of the times for my dinner and breakfast not because I have started loving it but because eating this pancake made with wheat flour and milk is the easiest and healthiest way to fill your tummy !

So here goes the recipe for you.
Makes 5 pancakes

1 cup milk (250 ml)
Sugar as per your taste
Wheat flour 2 cups (500gm)

Mix all the ingredients.The consistency should be balanced it should not be watery or too thick as you to spread this on pan.

On a tawa or non stick pan spread some oil evenly and pour two tablespoon batter and make a round shape

Flip and cook from both sides

It will turn reddish brown

Serve this with pickles or a sauce

So simple and so easy