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Monaco Tower !

A fascinating recipe for Kids and Easy one for your Evening Snacks !

I discovered this snack on a day when I wanted to munch something and I was not finding anything .

The Monaco biscuit on my table tickled me and it was not late that I assembled everything that was on mind that time and soon there was a wonder on my plate.The flavors coming from peanut butter jam and the freshness of cucumber makes it all together a toast for the day !

So here goes my  impromptu recipe for “Monaco Tower”

All you Need is
Monaco Biscuits(or any biscuit which is sweet and salty) , Sliced Cucumbers , Peanut Butter and Jam



  • Spread jam and peanut butter over the biscuits

Place one slice of cucumber between two biscuits and create a tower 🙃🙂DSCN1735

You can do alternate layering for jam and butter flavour together 😃


And you are ready to Start Munching …..