Vermicelli Delight

A perfect option for your breakfast and evening snack  or a light dinner !

The vermicelli mixed with curry leaves and spices creates amgic on the plate.Try this your kids will love it for sure 🙂 You cna adjust the spices for kid accordingly.



In a deep pan – Add mustard seeds to the heated oil and let it crackle

Add urad dal,chopped onion, ginger, garlic, chilli and curry leaves till this gets translucent


In another pan boil the vermicelli-add salt and oil to add flavor to vermicelli and keep stirring so that it doesnot get sticky



Add the dry spices powder to the onion mixture in pan


Drain the vermicelli and let it cook, run cold water to stop the cooking

Add this vermicelli to the masala in pan and mix gently


Squeeze lemon on top and Serve