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The Sweet and Sour Aubergine

Aubergine /Eggplant /Baigan is a veggie that’s not liked by many including my husband and every time I have to find new ways to cook this veggie so that it’s liked by him… I know he loves my cooking more than me, so no other option I have 😒🙁

This recipe is sweet and sour and made with Indian spices and tastes amazing when served with chapatis 🙂

The ingredients that you need for making this recipe are:

Slit aubergine from sides and bottom (don’t cut into pieces), it’s stem should be attached, you can rub and clean the stem (or headgear) attached.

Soak them in water for 10 minutes, this water is flavored with salt and turmeric

In a kadhai or deep pan, add vegetable oil and carom seeds

Add  chopped garlic ginger chili asafoetida and cumin seeds

after 2-3 seconds put aubergine into this and cover the lid.cook for 10 minutes, till this become soft.

Making the gravy

In a blender, blend some mint leaves onions and chili and make a fine paste

Add this to the semi cooked aubergine, mix well.After 2 minutes add dry spices powder -turmeric, amchur powder (dry mango powder), coriander powder and salt

Add tomato puree and mix well

Let this cook at least for 5 minutes, stir this is that the aubergines are engrossed in the masala or gravy prepared.

Your Sweet and Spicy Aubergine is ready to serve…