Baigan Ka Bharta/Mashed Eggplant

Baigan Ka Bharta~A complementary dish for stuffed paratha/bread , it can also be be eaten with rice or chappati.The grilling of baigan/eggplant is important as this adds smoky flavor to this dish.

An ideal recipe for Bachelor as its easy to make and takes less time to cook.




  • Wash and Dry the Baigan (Brinjal)
  • Rub oil all over and insert peeled garlic clove into this
  • Put this in gas or in microwave and let this completely cook

Keep on turning the Baigan so that it gets cooked from all sides


  • When it’s done ,Let this cool -Cut the stem above and remove the charred peel.wipe with water to clean this completely.


  • In a bowl,take this cooked Baigan , add dry spices ,French dhaniya , salt ,2drops of mustard oil and mash everything to make a smoothe choka/bharta
  • Serve this with any chappati or rice