Bread made with Grated Bottlegourd-Lauki/Ghiya Paratha

Stuffed Paratha is quite common in Indian Homes as they include the veggies as well the spices which give it the ultimate flavour.They are tasty as well as easy to make.The crunchiness of the paratha and the softness of the stuffing inside is enough to fall in love with these stuffed parathas.

Recipe Card:

Time Taken- 25-30 minutes

The Ingredients that you need for making this paratha are:


  • Grate BottleGourd/Lauki/Ghiya and to this add the dry spices and salt
  • Add 3-4 drops of vegetable oil and mix well
  • Add wheat flour and knead and prepare a dough
  • Make the paratha in round shape and as thin as possible
  • Flip and cook on both sides on medium flame
  • Grease with butter/ghee before serving
  • You can prepare this paratha and store in casserole

lauki paratha

Serve it with dhania ki chutney/Raita/Ketchup or Pickle


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