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Sattu Paratha- Breads stuffed with toasted gramflour

Sattu Paratha is one of the famous recipe cooked widely in East UP and Bihar state of India.Ideally, sattu is used to make liiti (wheat flour stuffed with sattu mixture) and this liiti is grilled over charcoal and dipped in pure ghee.

Sattu is prepared with toasted gram flour and it can be mixed with millet and corn flour to make a healthy aata (flour) to make any chappati.

This paratha is the substitute for the litti if you don’t have charcoal burner at home -Try this recipe to enjoy the Bihari Cuisine.

The Ingredients that you need for making the filling of Sattu Paratha includes

Making the filling

Mix all the ingredients mentioned under filling together.The mixture has to be rough and not wet neither too dry.You can adjust the consistency by adjusting the amount of oil/lemon juice and sattu.


Making of Dough

Prepare dough by adding carom seeds, nutmeg flower (optional) pinch of salt and 2-3 drops of oil  to the wheat flour


Making Paratha

  • Divide dough into equal portions balls
  • Fill each portion with 1 teaspoon mixture, close the balls and roll into paratha
  • Make the paratha in round shape and as thin as possible
  • paratha
  • Flip and cook on both sides on medium flame
  • Grease with butter/ghee before serving
  • You can prepare this paratha and store in casserole

Sattu Paratha tastes best when served with Baigan Bharta.I have shared this recipe on my blog.


Enjoy the authentic Bihari Food with this Sattu Ka Paratha and Baigan ka Bharta.