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The Magic Box in My Kitchen

The Best thing in my Kitchen is the Magical Box of Spices–Bundle of Indian Spices…

And one of these ingredients is The Panch Foran. I would like to share here the uniqueness of this Panch Foran and recipe that you can try with this spice.

Panch Foran is a mixture of 5 different spices in one packet and each of the ingredients in this panch foran adds a flavor to this dish in it’s unique way!

Panch is a Hindi word meaning 5  and this spice is a mix of 5 different spices –Cumin, Brown Mustard, Fenugreek, Nigella, and Fennel- All in One !

This masala act as an awesome seasoning- I one of the seasonings recipe I am sharing here.This seasoning can be used for salad and any fruit salad.

Method: In a blender- Add this Panch Foran, cinnamon, pepper seeds and churn this into a dry powder.Add olive oil and prepare a paste which is not so wet.

Rub this over pumpkin, squash or use the dry powder over your salad.

It may be New for you but this is all about Cooking- Discover Something New, Try something New, Experiment with Ingredients

I have enclosed one more recipe Besan Wali Bhindi in my blog which is made with this masala.

Indian Cuisine is not complete with Indian Spices, Include this your Cooking and I am sure You will be amazed by the magic of this ingredients…

So are you going to give this small wonder –Panch Foran– a place in your kitchen?