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How to Make Kadhi Chawal – Favourite Indian Meal

Kadhi Rice is one of the favourite meal for Indians.The fritters added to this at the end and the sour taste coming from dry mango powder in this recipe is the unique thing about this recipe.It’s a popular rice dish among Indians and it is prepared in different states in a different way.The Fritters added to this can be pure besan fritters or you can also add onion fritters to this to give it onion taste.I have prepared this recipe with onion fritters.

Recipe Card:

  • Preparation Time 20 Minutes
  • Cooking Time 30 minutes
  • Servings 3-4


The Ingredients that you need for making Onion Pakoda/Fritters are

The Ingredients that you need for making Kadhi are

For Tempering

  • Mustard seeds  and asafoetida 1/2 teaspoon
  • Curry leaves- 4-5
  • Dry Red chilli -2
  • Ghee 1 teaspoon

Making Onion Fritters/Pakoda

In a bowl add all the ingredients mentioned for pakora and mix well.Add 2-3 drops of water, it should be wet but moist.In a deep vessel, add mustard oil (I have mustard oil here to give a tangent taste).With the help of a spoon, drop small portions into heated oil.flip sides so that it becomes reddish brown.Keep them on oil absorbent paper.

Making Kadhi

  • In a bowl, whisk Dahi/Yogurt till it becomes smooth, don’t whisk too much.
  • Add besan, dry spices and one cup water, whisk
  • now add another cup of water and mix well
  • In the same deep vessel/kadai add one teaspoon ghee and pour this mixture slowly
  • Let this simmer for 15 minutes.You can adjust the consistency by adding more water if you want.This should be semi thick
  • At the end add salt and gram masala powder and turn off the heat

For Tempering

kadi fin

  • Heat ghee, to this all the ingredients.Let mustard seeds splutter
  • Pour this over the cooked curry and cover Kadai /vessel with lid for 5 minutes

Serving- Add pakora/fritters to the curry and serve.


Kadhi goes very well with Steamed Rice



Happy Weekend!