Fried Potatoes

Aloo Fry or you can say Potato Fries is one of the simplest recipe that you can cook in maximum 15 minutes and if you are using boiled potatoes then it’s more quicker!

As we are celebrating the Shravan Month in india now ,there are many ladies and girls who fast on each Monday ~ a gesture of devotion towards Lord Shiva .They don’t have to eat grains or salt so this fried potato is one of the best option for one of the fasting days recipes.

Here is a twist that I have given here~ Adding cashew powder on top ,you can also mix other Dry fruits powder to Give it a Cruncy Taste.

Ingredients that you need are :
Dry Spices Powder-Turmeric,Cumin,Coriander,Garam Masala
Chopped Potatoes
Cumin seed


In a pan heat oil  and  Roast some cashew on medium flame and then keep it aside

in the same pan add some ghee and dry spices of your choice

add potatoes and cook on medium heat

You can drizzle water drops to prevent masala from burning

when potatoes are cooked add the cashew powder over this and serve or eat yourself like me 😀😉

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Veg Kofta

Kofta in the simplest form means balls made from minced meat or meatloaf.There are different varieties of kofta that can be made -veg or non veg.

I make this veg Kofta’s whenever I don’t have meat at home.It’s always good to enjoy more veggies in your meal.You can add as many vegetables you want to add in this veg kofta like beans capsicum carrots.I have added here onions,capsicum and beans.It’s always good to try something new and replace your usual veg curry with something different like Kofta’s.

So here goes the Recipe –


For making Kofta

  • Gram Flour /Besan 500 gm
  • Dry spices- Coriander, Red chili, turmeric and cumin powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Refined oil to shallow fry the kofta
  • finely chopped beans, capsicum


For making Gravy

  • Beans 125 gm
  • Dry spices- Coriander, Red chili, turmeric and cumin powder
  • Tomato Puree-125 gm
  • Garlic Ginger paste
  • Salt to taste
  • Cream 2 tablespoon


For Kofta

  • In a kadhai add oil, cuimin seeds and onions
  • Cook the chopped vegetables with onions for 5 minutes
  • In a bowl make a mixture of corn flour/cornstarch with 1 tablespoon water. It should be thick.
  • Dip the kofta balls in this mixture so that it gets coated and then fry the koftas
  • Keep it aside.

For Gravy

  • In a kadhai add oil, cuimin seeds , ginger garlic paste.After 7-8 seconds add the chopped onion and chilli mix well till onion turns pink
  • Now add the beans (beans chopped finely –you can use sautéed beans also)
  • After 5 minutes add the dry spices and after 4-5 seconds add the tomato puree
  • Cook this for 5 minutes. Add salt and Garam masala
  • Add the cream and mix well and turn off the heatDSCN1678


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Gatte ki Sabji from Rajasthan !

Gatte ki Sabji is one of the tradional recipe from Rajashthan India.This curry is a mix of gram flour and Indian spices.

If you visit Rajashthan this is one of the curry that will be served to you with the tradional thali(platter).

Ingredients for making Rajasthani Gatte ki Sabji.

  • Gram Flour /Besan 500 gm
  • Dry spices- Coriander, Red chili, turmeric and cumin powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Refined oil
  • Garlic Ginger paste
  • Onion paste -2 onions
  • Tomato Puree – 2 tomatoes
  • Roasted Cumin 2 teaspoon
  • Baking Soda 1 teaspoon


For make Gatte

  • Crush the cumin in mortar and pestle
  • Add this to gram flour and knead a dough
  • Add and refined oil to this mixture.
  • Make long sticks out of this dough
  • Add this to boiling water and let this cook till the gate are cooked, you can check occasionally
  • Take out the gate from the water be careful as this will be gentle now(save the leftover water)
  • Cut them into any shape you want
  • In a kadhai, add the gatte and roast these till they are golden brown


For the Gravy

  • In a kadhai add oil, cuimin seeds , ginger garlic paste. After 7-8 seconds add the onion paste and chili mix well till onion turns pink
  • After 5 minutes add the dry spices and after 4-5 seconds add the tomato puree
  • Cook this for 5 minutes. Add the left over water stored previously or you can mix some besan in half bowl of water, make a paste and pour this into kadhai
  • Add Salt and Garam masala
  • Add gatte and cook for 10 minutes, stir once

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“Experience Rajasthan”

Sago Fritters

One of the best and easiest snacks for evening break  and as it;s a weekend there as to be something special.

Last week I had made a dessert from the tiny tots Sago(Sabudana) and today I made some fritters using it by mixing it with some mashed potatoes ,You can serve this with tartare dip or any ketchup you want .


I you are using the small sago then you don’t have to do any pre-prep but if you are using the bigger one , you have to soak it in water for at least 4-5 hours.


It tastes best when served hot , you can adjust the amount of chili in this according to your taste.

You can find the recipe in this video of my channel Cooking Mantra

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Sponge Gourd~Unique Eats

In my family nobody likes to eat this vegetable–Sponge Gourd because they don’t find it in the category of vegetable and according to them there are other options in the “vegetable industry” so why to eat this unique creature !

My husband ,he too hates this ,but I don’t know why I love Sponge Gourd.So I had to find an option through which I can give this veggie a space in my refrigerator 😝 .I had to make my husbnd love this vegetable 🤔

My mom advised me to make curry from thus vegetable by adding lentils to it .The recipes involves adding chilli ginger garlic and onions to the curry which gives a unique flavour to this entire curry.

I tried this curry and it was really yummy in my tummy !

And the best part is my husband now loves Sponge Gourd 😊

Mission Succesful…Now Sponge Gourd is a part of our “vegetable industry ” and we both love to have this curry with Rice.

You should also try it once and I am sure you will love it !

Find the recipe at _ Nenua ki Sabji

*SpongeGuard is known as Nenua in Hindi

EggPlant Fried

Eggplant Fry is not as difficult as it seems once you know the trick🤔

Yes it becomes a not so tasty and not so good looking dish if you don’t know how to use this vegetable.Previously whenever I made this fry it turned black because I didn’t know the trick which I got to know later.

I was advised my my mom to cut the eggplant and soak it it salted water for 5 minutes and then cook it , this will not turn the eggplant black and it tastes better as well.I like to make this eggplant veggie for my lunch and dinner as it goes well with breads (chapati) or dal and rice.I have added here more of tomatoes to add sweetness,you can add more of ketchup instead.Onions, tomatoes and garlic together with the egglplant make this recipe lip smacking.


  • Baigan (Eggplant)- 500gm
  • Cooking Oil
  • Onion and tomotao- 2 chopped
  • Garlic and chilli finely crushed
  • Dry Spices(garam masala powder turmeric and coriander)
  • Salt to taste
  • Cumin seeds



In a kadhai add oil and add cumin seeds.when the seeds begin to crackle add the ginger garlic paste.

Add onions and saute for 2 minutes


Add the dry spices excluding garam masala powder



Let this mixture cook for 2-3 minutes , you can sprinkle drops of water if required

Add the chopped eggplant to this mixture , add salt and cook for 5 minutes.The eggplant should be mixed with spices and the oil in the pan which will help it to can drizzle some water if required but don’t put much water in this.


Now add the chopped tomatoes to this and cook till the tomatoes gets mushy and the egglplant and tomatoes seems to cooked well. Cover this with lid but not more than 5 minutes as this will then turn mushy which we don’t want to do.

This will not take much time to cook as addition of salt helps in quick cooking of the eggplant.



Serve this hot with Chappat/Breads- Easy and Simple !


Semolina Pancake

Semolina Uttampam or Pancake is one of the qucikest breakfast option that you can have. Generally this pancake is made with urad dal and rice batter which is soaked overnight and then churned next day.

But there are other ways to make this and the quickest one is to use semolina to skip the overnight batter making process.

I have added here few curry leaves to bring a special curry leaves taste to this mixture.


Ingredients that you need are:


Roast the curry leaves in a pan and then turn it into powder with your hands.Take large amount of this as we want to make this Curry leaves flavored pancake.

Roast the semolina in a pan till reddish brown and keep them aside

In a mixing bowl add curd/yogurt , baking soda ,semolina,curry leaves powder, dry spices , salt and make batter

The batter must not be too thick nor too watery ,you can adjust the consistency by adding more semolina or water


Add chopped veggies to this and let this batter rest for 30 minutes.Before you start making the uttapam stir the batter again.


Heat a non stick tawa , drizzle some water drops and wipe this out..this will cool down the temperature and make it uniform

Now put the batter and spread it in the form of disc

after some time put some oil circling the disc and flip it.Cook both sides


Serve this with tomato Ketchup or Coconut chutney…

You can also make plain uttampam , store them in casserole and then serve them like breads with curry or veggies.

Fluffy Omelette Floating in Curry !

A Lazy Saturday with my lethargic soul  asking for more sleep”

Brunch Time -I am not in hurry so I am planning to cook something that’s demands my ample time after all weekend comes after five working days!! You have to pamper yourself-spend some quality  time with yourself-do what you love, meet your friends ,go for a party or spend some soulful time by reading some good books.

I started off my weekend with a cup of black coffee and then comes the request of my hungry tummy -feed me something gal ☹️

So after giving a thought , I jotted down my My Weekend Menu :-

  • Rice Pudding
  • Cup Cakes
  • Omlette curry with Rice
  • Egg Noodles with cucumber salad and lots of onion

There might be an addition to this list, depends can’t  say anything about my “Famishing Tummy”.
I am going to start my Saturday with Omlette curry.Eggs are high in Protein and one of the best supplement for boosting up your energy.I include everyday one egg in my breakfast in any form like with sandwich or cloud eggs or scramble with toast or sometimes boiled egg.

Ingredients that you need for making this curry are:


Put Oil in Pan and add some cumin seed-if you don’t have no problem.
Add chopped garlic and chilli to this ,cook till it changes colur ( you can also add ginger garlic paste)
Add chopped onion and cook till translucent

Now add the dry spices and cook the mixture for 3-4 minutes ,sprinkle some water if required.
Now add the chopped tomatoes,add salt and let this reduce to course paste kind of thing. You can sprinkle water if you find its getting stocked to the pan.

Meantime in a bowl mix the two eggs with salt, parsley , onion And little garlic and peeper.Make an omelette out of this and let it cool for sometime.

To the curry mixture add 1 cup water , it depends upon the amount of curry quantity you need-add water accordingly and let it boil.
After 5 minutes add garam masala powder , Tomato ketchup (optional)and turn off the heat.
Cut omelette into square shaped and put the slices over the curry.


Cover the lid for 2 minutes..And It’s readdddyyyy..Serve with Rice and garnish with chilly or parsley.

I had some leftover rice from last night so I had this curry with the rice. 

Fluffy omelette floating in Tempting Curry with Boiled Rice😋
My tummy wants another bite …

Will be back soon with my other weekend recipies…

Eat Healthy~Stat Healthy.

Cheese Bread~Indian Style !

Chhena (a form of cheese) is fresh, unripened curd cheese made from water buffalo or regular cowmilk. A crumbly and moist form of farmers cheese, it is created in a similar process to paneer (chesse) except it is not pressed for as long.

Chhena is made by boiling milk and then curdling it with a small amount of whey. The resulting coagulated component is collected and wrapped in cheesecloth, strained and beaten thoroughly, until it becomes quite firm. This mixture is kneaded well before use, so that it acquires a very soft and smooth consistency.

Chhena is ideally  used to make desserts but apart form these are other recipes that you can make like bread or crumbles mixed with vegetables and herbs.

Chhena is readily available in the market,you can make chhena at home by adding some vinegar or lime juice to boiling milk and let it coagulate for few minutes and then pressing it with cheesecloth for draining out all water.

Its nutritious and healthy and one of the most easy recipe made out of this chhena is Chhena Paratha (flat breads)

Last Night I made this pratha. These flat breads tastes well with tomato ketchup,pickles or curd.

Time To Make this is 25 minutes

Ingredients to make 5 paratha (flat bread):

To make Dough:


In a deep kadhai , add oil and cumin seeds (cumin will change colour in  3-4 seconds), after this add chopped onion , garlic and chilies to this and fry it for  3-4 minutes till they become translucent.

Add mashed potatoes to this ad cook till the potatoes turns little brown

Add the dry spices and cook for 2 minutes (spices should not burn , you can sprinkle few drops of water if needed).The Spices can be added as per your choice

Now add the Chhena, you will see chhena will release some water.Cook this for 4-5 minutes and Add salt before turning off the heat.The mixture will turn golden brown.


For Making dough-

Take the wheat flout , add carom seeds and one teaspoon salt and knead till this become soft.

Leave it for 5 minutes.

For Making Chhena Paratha (Breads)

Make 4-5 medium sized balls from the  dough.Dig a hole and add the mixture of chhena and potato into this and close the ball.

Roll this into round shape(or any shape) and put this hot tawa(it should not be very hot) and let it turn reddish brown.

Flip and cook both sides

Grease both the sides with ghee, butter or oil.

Serve this with pickle, ketchup or curd.These taste best when served hot.

These flat breads can also be made without potatoes, instead you can use only chhena and cook it as per the process.


Cheese Butter and Pickles will leave you mouth watering ..Yummmmmm

Roll these in your kid’s’s rock and roll for them !!

Eat Healthy-Stay Healthy


Bhindi(Okra) Fry

Okra (Bhindi) is a high fibre food.It’s a power house of nutrients like Magnesium,Vitamin C and Vitamin A.There are many recipes that you can try from this Okra like – Roasted Okra, Okra fritters, Okra curry,Grilled Okra etc.

Okra (Bhindi) gets slimy is one of the major problem that beginners face in cooking okra.One of the best way to get rid of this stickiness is to place them in cold water for 5 minutes,dry it with cloth before chopping them. You should never wash okra after chopping, it will get slimy.

Once you know this trick, you can easily cook bhindi and the best part is it takes less time to cook.I am planning to make today Bhindi Fry (Okra Fry) which is fried Okra with tomatoes and onions.

Ingredients :

  • Okra (Bhindi)- 250 gm
  • Cooking Oil
  • Onion and tomotao- 1 chopped
  • Garlic and chilli finely crushed
  • Dry Spices(turmeric and coriander)
  • Dry Spices
  • Salt to taste


In a deep pan add oil ad add cumin seeds(if you don’t have cumin seeds, no problem)

Add garlic and chiili

Add onions and after 2-3 seconds add chopped bhindi


Let this cook till okra becomes tender(this will take 5 minutes on medium heat).

Add dry spices , and let it cook on slow heat for 2-3 minute


Add finely chopped tomato and salt and cook for 5 minutes.

there is another way of cooking this recipie which is- you can fry the bhindi till they are soft and keep them aside.

In a pan repeat the above method without excluding the process of adding bhindi.You can add the bhindi at last when the tomatoes are cooked and then saute for 2 minutes and season with peppers.

Your Bhindi Masala Fry is ready to serve, Ready to Eat.

Serve  this with Roti or Paratha.

Enjoy !


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